Womin Je Ka WebQuest

Created for Level 4 students
by Jenna Farrington

We would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of

the land and show respect for Aboriginal people as Australia’s First Peoples.

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Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Student Agreement

Before commencing this Webquest, it is important for you to accept responsibility to abide by the Schools' Board of Education Internet Access policy and procedures as stated in this agreement.
I understand that by commencing this Webquest the use of the Internet and access to it is a privilege not a right, and I agree:
I agree to use the Internet and email at our school in a responsible manner for purposes stated by my teacher. If I find myself
in unsuitable locations I will immediately click on the home or back button and inform my teacher. When working on the
Internet I will:
  • Only work on the web for purposes specified by my teacher
  • Not download any programs/games or install them on the school computer
  • Not give out information such as my surname, address, email address, telephone no., or parent’s work address/telephone no.
  • Not to register my name on any websites unless specified by my teacher
  • Never send a person my picture without first checking with my teacher
  • Always have my teacher’s permission before sending email
  • Compose email messages using only language I understand is acceptable in my school
  • Not respond to any messages that are unpleasant or that make me feel uncomfortable in any way. It is not my fault if I get a message like that
  • I will not use material from other web sites unless I have permission from the person who created the material.
  • If I am unsure I will check with my teacher
  • Not use the internet to frighten or annoy other people
  • Follow school guidelines and procedures when preparing materials for publication on the web.

I understand that breaches of the rules will see me lose my Internet/email access rights for a period of time determined by my teacher and the Internet/email committee.

By commencing with the Webquest I am agreeing to the above conditions.